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Risk adjusted returns- consistently

Fund Manager

Dennis du Plessis

Dennis is the founder of Steer Capital, which was established in 2018. He is the investment manager and head strategist of the Steer Stable FR Fund, Steer Worldwide Flexible FR Fund, and the Steer Global model portfolio. Prior to establishing Steer Capital, Dennis was part of the management team of Salvo Capital.

Dennis completed the CAIA charter from the Chartered Alternative Investment Institute and holds a BCOM Law degree from the University of the Free State.

How We Think

We choose our decisions to be driven by the analyses of data relevant to the markets that we invest in. We believe that a disciplined, systematic and unbiased approach is an effective way to preserve and develop the integrity of our decisions. The foundation of the way we think is based on learning, applying and improving.


We regard ourselves as students of the subject of investment management. Our learning ability is enhanced in the way we gather, research and interpret market data. We stand neutral towards information until we have evidence that it can be of value in our process.


Information becomes valuable only when we learn what its specific value is in improving the way we make decisions. The robustness of our process allows for a new profitable idea to be incorporated in our process very quickly.


The dynamic process of learning and applying creates an environment where improvement is a reality.


  • We see our relationships with investors as partnerships
  • We are invested in our own portfolios
  • Our compensation is aligned with the interests of our investors


  • The investment ideas in our portfolios are inspired from our own research and work


  • Investment portfolios that are unrelated to traditional themes and ideas
  • Dynamic portfolios managed with care and prudence


  • Profitable portfolios in most market conditions


Local Funds

Our local portfolios are custom made for the South African investor who needs exposure to local equities, property, bonds, cash, offshore equities and commodities. Our unique tactical asset allocation process is delivered to investors in a cost-effective way.

Offshore Portfolio

The Steer Global portfolio is a USD denominated portfolio for the investor seeking exposure to a diversified investment strategy in global stocks, commodities and bonds. The strategy offers diversification value and are geared to deliver results in most market conditions.