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Global Portfolio


The Steer Global Portfolio is a model portfolio that invests in a combination of Global equities, Commodities, and bonds. The portfolio mandate is capped at a maximum allocation of 50% to Global equities, 20% Commodities and 30% Global Bonds.

Investor Profile

The Portfolio is suitable for investors:

  • looking for a USD denominated diversified growth portfolio
  • Aims to produce moderate long term capital growth
  • Would like to be well diversified
  • Is comfortable with taking on some risk of market fluctuation and potential capital loss
  • Are investing for at least 3 years


The Portfolio aims to produce moderate to aggressive capital growth over the long term. The portfolio aims to outperform its benchmark on a risk adjusted return basis.


The portfolio’s benchmark is a composite of the following investable markets:

MSCI World (USD)                                          60%

All Country Bond Index (USD)                       40%


We express our views through asset class specific exchange traded funds. The purpose of our process is to actively allocate assets based on an objective, measurable and testable decision-making process. Tactical decision making is driven by data from different indicator clusters including but not limited to economic, fundamental, technical and data from sentiment indicators. These indicators are used in combination as a decision-making process to tactically allocate capital to different asset classes. That drives our tactical allocation process which is ultimately the way we seek to achieve the portfolio’s stated objectives.


Investors can access the Steer Global Portfolio through a managed account on the Interactive Brokers Investment Platform.

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