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Steer SNN Worldwide Flexible Fund

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The Steer Worldwide FR Flexible Fund invests in a combination between South African and Global markets and can vary this ratio without any prescribed jurisdictional limits. It may invest in local and offshore Equities, Precious Metals, Listed Property, Bonds, Money Market instruments and derivatives to meet its investment objectives.

Investor Profile

  • Looking for moderate to long term capital growth.
  • Would like high exposure to risk assets
  • Are investing for at least 3 years


The fund aims to generate consistent moderate to high capital growth over the long term. The objective is to outperform its benchmark on a risk adjusted return basis over any rolling 24-month period.


The portfolio’s benchmark is a composite of the following investable markets:

FTSE/JSE ALSI                               35%

MSCI World (ZAR)                        35%

BEASSA All Bond Index                19%


We employ an active multi strategy approach across all the asset classes that we invest in. The strategies consider data derived from macroeconomic, fundamental, sentimental and trend indicators to ensure that our tactical decisions are well balanced.


Investors can access the Steer Worldwide Flexible FR Fund through the Allan Gray, PPS, Sanlam Glacier, Momentum Wealth and Investec Bank investment platforms. The fund can also be accessed directly upon request.

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